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Endosymbiosis & Fermi Paradox


A quick post about a very interesting article attempting to explain the Fermi Paradox. In brief, the article proposes that although prokaroytic life is probably ubiquitous in the univers, eukaryotic life may be exceedingly rare. Here's a brief summary of the argument made by Nick Lane


How does prokaryotic life arise?

- ATP synthase is powered by a proton gradient (equivalent to 30 megavolts per meter!!!)

- Similar proton gradient is feasible in primordial alkaline hydrothermal vents surrounded by acidic oceans ...

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Document version control

Dropbox doesn't cut it for collaborative work where multiple people want to make changes to a document. And no Track Changes doesn't work either. So we have now set up a distributed version control system called Git.

Here is a really good book for understanding and using Git. Of course, since all our work is 'top secret', we have restricted access to everyone using git. If I have asked you to join a git project, here's what ...

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Creating blog posts

Dear group members. You should now be able to add pictures to your posts. Here are some instructions to get you started:

  1. Upload your images to the FileBrowser. PNG is my preferred format, although JPGs will work. 
  2. In you Blog / Task post look for the button that looks like a tree (Insert/edit image).
  3. A dialog requesting the image URL will pop up. You can click on the browse icon next to it and you will be taken to the ...

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Finally improved site moderation! Been seeing a lot of spam. I had disabled a number of IP addresses from accessing the website, but the Spam Bots are relentless. So now the moderation system and the comment system in general have been improved.

Bring it!

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Temperature and RH in 376A

Here's an experiment. I have a script uploading hourly temperature and humidity data to a spreadsheet. Here's the visualization of the temperature and humidity data in my office.

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Resistor codes

Here is a program to find the value of a resistor based on its color coding.

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Group photographs for the lab

Bhalerao Lab

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Feynman Lectures in Physics

Bill Gates decided to buy the rights to archival Feynman lectures in Physics from the BBC, in order to release them to the public. This is really good stuff. Unfortunately the lectures have to be divided into 8 minute segments to conform to YouTube's standards. Here they are though: Direct Link to the YouTube Channel

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First Post

About time I created the research page for my website. Figured I'd make a blog instead, where I can blog about the research. So here it is: "Hello World!".
I used the basic blog structure provided by Ross P ( and used it to integrate it into the website.

Posted on May 19, 2009 5 Comments
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