What is the openBioinstrumentation project?


Many of our colleagues are interested in developing biosensors based on novel bio / nanobiochemistries. Often these biosensors require common circuit motifs to handle signal acquisition and processing. The goal of the openBioinstrumentation project is to develop a library of electronic and embedded circuit modules that simplify the task of converting a novel biosensor chemistry into a handheld device. The goal is to turn circuit components and software into interchangeable, reusable modules that are shared openly. 

We currently have a few modules that can be used with electrochemical biosensing processes. These modules are listed below: 

  1. Potentiostat circuit along with driver software based on the Arduino platform
  2. An impedance analyzer based on the AD5933 chip and constructed around the Beaglebone Black controller. 
  3. A programmable PID temperature controller module (pictured above)

Pages detailing the circuits will be posted soon.