Shared folders in CloudStation

We use a number of collaboration tools including software version control (git), cloud based documents (e.g. Google Drive) and a Synology-based file server and sync tool called CloudStation (Roughly equivalent to Dropbox / Box etc). While CloudStation works very easily, it is a little tricky to set up. Following are step by step instructions on how to set up a shared folder on CloudStation. The intended audiences for this article are both my lab members, as well as others looking for instructions on working with CloudStation. If you are a group member in the BhaleraoLab, chances are that you need to skip straight to Step 3. 


  1. We are using DSM 5.0 on a Synology NAS box, with a QuickConnect ID of "SynoNasBox"
  2. Two users, Alice and Bob want to share a folder through CloudStation. 
  3. Alice has administrator privileges on the NAS

Step 1: Alice sets up a shared folder

Alice logs into DSM over the web, opens "File Station" and chooses "Create a Shared Folder" from the "Create" menu item in the FileStation. She chooses a name for the folder ("AliceBobShared") and optionally provides a description and other information. 

Step 2: Alice sets up an account for Bob. 

Alice creates a username for Bob (bob) and a strong password: "R4ct5%4$kl94". She then opens the CloudStation application on the NAS and under "Privileges" checks that the user bob has is allowed to access CloudStation. While still in CloudStation, Alice goes into "Settings" frame, and under the "Sharing" tab, chooses the "AliceBobShared" folder and enables it. 

Step 3: Alice and Bob set up CloudStation on their respective local machines

Alice and Bob both download the CloudStation client from the Synology website. Since their NAS model is DS412+, they download and install their OS-specific client from this page. Next each creates a folder on their local hard drive where the shared folder will be synchronized. For example, Bob creates the folder "SharedWithAlice" on his computer. He then opens the Synology CloudStation client he just installed. He enters his username (bob), password and the QuickConnect ID "SynoNasBox". He chooses the Quick Setup and the CloudStation client automatically installs a folder (CloudStation) on Bob's computer that serves has his default and private folder.

However, the default folder is not the shared folder. He then opens the CloudStation app again, and chooses "Create". There, he connects to the same NAS box and presses "Next". Now this time he chooses "Advanced setup". This brings up a panel with two columns. On the left column, Bob looks for the folder "SharedWithAlice" and on the right side he looks for "AliceBobShared". He then hits "Next" and now the local folder and the NAS folder are connected together. Alice does the same thing at her end and now they can begin making sharing files through that folder easily and life becomes a lot simpler for them.