Equipment calendar

How and Why?

This calendar serves as the scheduler for high-usage equipment in the Bhalerao Lab. If you want to use critical and highly subscribed pieces of equipment in the lab, you must sign up on this calendar. 

If you aren't on this calendar, and if someone else has scheduled time on it, they have full right to remove your samples and / or shut your experiment.

Signup for the Tecan microplate reader is mandatory. Other pieces of equipment include the thermal cycler, gel equipment, culture flasks and incubators

Sign up for the calendar

Send Dr. Bhalerao an email requesting access to the calendar. It is a google calendar, so please also send your google ID with which you will be able to see all event as well as schedule them. Our previous system of scheduling straight from the website no longer works with this current system, so until a workaround can be found you will need to use a shared GCal for scheduling activities. Events once scheduled will appear in the calendar below. 


Equipment Calendar