Fall courses

TSM 435 Electronics and Computer Control Systems

This is an 'applied engineering' course covering the analysis and design of simple electronic circuits, as well as the development of embedded control systems using the Arduino platform. There is a greater stress on a hands-on approach to learning. The course relies on a lot of external material including component data sheets, CAD tutorials on the web, embedded systems programming and mathematical problem solving modules. 

The course is taught on Compass2g in Fall 2014.  

Spring courses

ABE 446 Biological Nanoengineering

This is a senior or graduate level course covering the fundamental concepts behind biological nanotechnology. Biology provides us with a vast array of highly functional tools and devices that operate at nanometer size scales. Material science teaches us how to organize molecular ensembles into novel functional units. Bionanotechnology comprises of tools and techniques to organize biological macromolecules in engineered systems to solve problems related to food, agriculture, environment, energy and health. 

This course will be taught on Compass 2g in Spring 2015. 

ABE 141 - Biological Principles in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

One of the biggest challenges of being part of a young, yet vast and rapidly growing growing engineering discipline is creating a freshmen course introducing the principles in it. Having spent several years in the academic profession of biological engineering, and having looked at several curricula over the years, I admit I still have a very difficult time coming up with a coherent set of lectures that are simultaneously broad, rigorous and accessible. You will feel this course is like a camping trip: Exhausting, uncomfortable at times, but at the end of it memorable.

Other courses

Lab 104 Training