A DIY Thermal Cycler

This post is way long overdue. In the Fall of 2008, (or was it 2007?) I taught a small module in the ABE 221 course dealing with automation in Biological Engineering. My hope was to create a home-made thermal cycler for less than $1000. Of course many people in the DIYBio community have constructed thermal cyclers for way less, and truly, you probably don't need to pay more than $300-400 (perhaps even less) to build a reasonably good quality one. 

Anyway - here's what we built. We had the following goals:

Document version control

Dropbox doesn't cut it for collaborative work where multiple people want to make changes to a document. And no Track Changes doesn't work either. So we have now set up a distributed version control system called Git.

Here is a really good book for understanding and using Git. Of course, since all our work is 'top secret', we have restricted access to everyone using git. If I have asked you to join a git project, here's what you need to do: